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Jobs in Teaching

The place where all Schools, Nurseries, Colleges, Universities, Trusts & Academies can ridiculously reduce their Job Advertising costs to ONLY £100 per year!!
NOT per Advert!


(Unlimited yearly advertising for all Education roles from Support to Leadership).

Membership for Schools is ONLY £100 per year!

NO Additional Advert Fees

FREE Posting to Social Media (We are members of over 2000 Job Groups & growing daily)


Job adverts can stay live for upto 90 days! At NO Extra cost!

All roles included - Unlimited yearly advertising for all Education roles, from Support to Leadership

1000s of Teachers already signed up, just waiting for you to post your Job Vacancy!

No Account Manager trying to upsell you!

All the candidates your advert attracts are yours! They're not put into a Talent Pool for everyone to dip into!

Looking for a Job in Education or Teaching?

This is the one place to go to find jobs in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Trusts & Academies!

Use our search facility to find your next career move

Jobs in Teaching is for all Schools, Nurseries, Colleges, Universities, Trusts & Academies.

Also for Teachers, Teaching, Work in Schools, Teaching jobs, Teacher vacancy, NQT Newly Qualified Teachers, Teaching Assistants, School jobs, School Support roles, Jobs in Schools, Lecturer, PRU - Pupil Referral Unit, SEND - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities & Education, Educational Establishments

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