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We're a group of very successful professionals, who have a huge amount of experience in the following occupations:
Teacher Recruitment, Recruitment Advertising, Information Technology, Marketing, Social Media, Teaching & a new addition as a Children's Book Author.

Schools are & should be the foundation of our children's futures.
If a School fails to find enough funding it will not be able to attract Amazing Teachers or provide up-to-date equipment for the pupils.
Therefore, seeing the extortionate costs that schools pay to attract teachers when advertising their vacancies, we decided that we could help.

We first tried to see if we could offer the complete service for free. However, with design, hosting, database & many other costs, it was just not practical.
So, we looked at the bare minimum we could reduce that figure to and was born!

By giving back to schools & educational etablishments in this way, we know it can free them up to use their saved monies on other much needed costs & ensure our children have a bright and happy future!

We're still growing, and open to making changes that make it easier for educational establishments to recruit Amazing Teachers.
Please let us know if there is something that you would like to suggest, that would make a positive change to our services.
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We've built this service to help Schools, Colleges, Universities, Trusts & Academies, fill their vacancies with Fantastic Teachers, and not have to pay extortionate recruitment advertising fees. Therefore, posting your vacancies and getting applicants is 100% FREE to use!
All you pay is a small yearly Admin fee of £100 plus VAT.
Unlimited Job Postings, with NO HIDDEN COSTS!
Don't forget to spread the Love, and let others know about us!
Thank you.

What We Do is set-up to help Schools, Colleges, Universities, Nurseries, Trusts & Academies, fill their vacancies with Fantastic Teachers.

We do this by cutting out the middle man & offering FREE Job Postings & FREE access to Applicant data, all for a small yearly fee. allows Candidates to Search for relevant Jobs & apply for suitable roles.

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